Plug And Mix Support

We at P&M are aware of how painful it can be to install and authorize plug-ins. Installing and authorizing Plug&Mix plug-ins is a very easy process.

To authorize your software, please follow these easy steps:

  • If not already done, download the complete P&M plug-ins collection from the Downloads page.

  • Once downloaded, launch the installer and select the plug-in(s) you wish to install. Once installed, the plug-in(s) will start working in DEMO mode.

  • Launch your audio host software (Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, etc.). Go to your plug-in folder and add one of your new plug-ins to a track. Click on the top-center of the plug-in to reveal a drop down menu and then click “Authorize this software”. Enter your activation code and click “Activate”.


Once activated, you must relaunch the plug-in for your authorization to become active or just quit your host application and launch it again, then the plug-in(s) will be activated.

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